By: Stuart Clelland

Top Curb Appeal Tips For Selling Your Home

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What do you think of your home as you drive by and take a look? 
Does your home just blend in with your neighbours?  
Or do you do a double take because of your stunning front door?
Maybe you admire the front flower beds and shrubs of your nicely landscaped walkway leading to your entrance?

This is what is called curb appeal, and if you’re preparing to sell, you need to take a look at these top curb appeal tips for sellers.
First impressions of potential buyers of your home is vitally important for home sellers.  It creates a lasting impression in the minds of buyers and people who drive by and can affect the value of your home.
Your home’s exterior should encourage buyers to want to see what’s inside. If you can "WOW” them at the entrance, you’ll have no problem getting them inside for that all-important showing. There are things that you should be doing to ensure that your home is prepared for a showing on the inside, but the first impressions outside are just as important!

How do you improve the curb appeal of your home when preparing to put it on the market?

  1. Cleaning for Curb Appeal – Give your front door, front porch, all windows, garage doors, driveway and walkway a good cleaning. This deep cleaning can be as simple as some Windex, your garden hose and a good sweeping, or as elaborate as a power wash and complete window cleaning. Depending on the season, this should be done fairly regularly.
  1. Landscaping for Curb Appeal – One of the easiest ways that you can increase your curb appeal when preparing your home for sale is to add some colour and greenery with flowers, plants and shrubs. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem! You can easily add curb appeal by picking up some hanging baskets from your local store or gardening centre. Just hang them up or transplant them into a container or flower bed. You may want to consider some walkway edging or raised flower beds when landscaping for curb appeal.
  1. Make Your Front Door “POP” – Your front door is a snapshot of the personality and style of your home. There are a few curb appeal tips and tricks that you can do to make your front door “POP”:
  1. Your Door Hardware. A good polish might be all that you need, but if your door handle has seen better days,  it can be a good idea to replace it. You can find a reasonable replacement at your local hardware or building center  – you don’t want to overspend. 
  2. Your Door Colour. A good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, or even a new door colour can really spruce up your curb appeal.
  3. Your Doormat. A fresh new doormat can be very inviting, and really add that extra pop of colour and personality.
  1. Outdoor Lighting for Curb Appeal – Exterior lighting is an often overlooked part of your home’s curb appeal. A good cleaning to get rid of dust and cobwebs will do wonders. You could also install new outdoor lights. You don’t need to spend a lot to make a big impact. You can often find outdoor lights for a little as $20. As with your door handle, purchase new outdoor lighting that is in keeping with your neighbourhood and the price point of your home.?
Selling your home can be a little overwhelming  at times, but by following these curb appeal tips for sellers you can increase your curb appeal   very easily, and have potential buyers falling in love with your home before they even walk through the door!

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